Mission & Values

Dancing is a universal language. Social Dance has been alive at social functions for centuries. In recent years, social dance has proved it’s long lasting presence in our lives. It is in our media, our music and day to day social functions. Street Dance in Australia isn’t always passed parent-to-child, interested people are seeking a network where they can connect with like minded individuals to study share, develop and experience Street Dance and Hip Hop Culture. With extensive media exposure the desire to dance is and will continue to grow.

STREET DANCE AUSTRALIA is dedicated to providing a network for Street dance enthusiasts, SDA is a place where people can begin their journey, expand their knowledge and enjoy being with people that have a common interest. We encourage dance as a fun and exciting way to spend time but also a tool where many people get to really know and better themselves through challenges and triumphs. Dance like Music is a universal language that attracts people from many backgrounds and interests.

Street Dance Australia is here to support, promote and develop the street dance scene in Australia, through online communication, workshops and seminars, events, forums and providing quality instruction and leadership from the pioneers of Street Dance in Australia and International.


Phone: 0402 762 080