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Bonnie & Clyde Sydney Event

Bonnie And Clyde battles
Saturday 23rd July 2016

I was honored to judge the recent Bonnie and Clyde event held at Dancekool Studio in Sydney, organized by Sydney veteran Darrio Phillips.

The event drew an awesome crowd and the battles were intense, Congratulations to the winners Poppinyon Choi and Keanu Wardana

What was the idea behind creating the Bonnie & Clyde event?
The idea was to do more 2 on 2 event battles with a twist, this time to have a lot more females involved in battling, plus have it more family friendly, and open to all ages and styles

Were you impressed with the turn out?
Very impressed by the support, of the dance community who came to battle, plus their friends and families who came to watch., It was a great turnout

How did you feel about the level of competitors?
I believe the level was pretty high in some competitors especially at the final. I think there were also some first time competitors. that were given a chance to show their stuff. In all I think the judges made the right decisions for picking the winners. Again I’m glad everyone came out.

What was the support like for this event?
The support was overwhelming. From Danceskool providing us a place to do the event. Sponsors (Storeroom Vintage, Geedup Co, and Soulmate Sneakers) supplying cool giveaways. Food and drink vendors (Hype93) Performances from some of the dope crews who wanted to show their stuff (DGen,and The Sydney Krump Community). Top judges showing love and support and of course the dancers, friends and families.. It was a blast!!!

Would you run this event again?
*Yes ..!! ….Absolutely..!!.. I was talking about this with my staff and about the positive feedback, from people that attended.. Most definitely.. but again.. with a twist..