Angela Canalese – The Dance Nomad Project

An extraordinary lady with the biggest heart and an inspiring passion for dance is traveling the world in search of the history, story and reason we humans love dance so much, Meet Angela Canalese otherwise known as the dance Nomad.

Angela what is the Dance Nomad project?
Dance nomad is an ongoing archive of my journey of dance knowledge and history.

Tell us how you were introduced to dance, and what keeps you going?
I was introduced to dance by my grandma. Her life was dance, and she was my first ballet teacher. Dance is just breath… It in itself keeps me going.

What has been your most amazing or memorable experience in dance?
honestly……. My friends wedding. She is Indian, and she had a huge pre wedding ceremony, both families get together and do two special dancers. Both dances go about an hr each and get faster and faster through the hour. That moment, dancing with that much joy around me… Until my feet blistered… I’ll never forget that.

What places have you visited through the dance nomad project and what did you experience through their dance?
I’ve visited many places through dance nomad… NY, Spain, Brazil, New Orleans, India, Japan. Each place had different dance styles to teach, both traditional to the place and/or a big subculture in that country/city. The connection to people is always what I experience through sharing dance, in all the above places.

What’s next for the Dance nomad project?
I want to Create dance films, Arthouse, non description art prices of dance and culture

How can people follow your journey?